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By Alextb

London, England Eng

When is the best time to feed the garden to help the Spring Bulbs and Summer plants this year?

Should I be feeding them now as some of the bulbs are already poking through?

Any advice welcome

Thanks in advance



Hi Alex as far as the bulbs go 2011 year's leaves and flowers are already there inside the bulbs. You can feed them half strength liquid tomato food once they have flowered and before the leaves die back, say once a week or fortnight.

Definitely not the time to feed any summer flowering plants/shrubs.

29 Dec, 2010


I agree that specific concentrated feeding should not be done this time of year but it is always good to cover the soil with well rotted compost or leaf mould to stimulate activity by soil organisms which in their turn will feed the plants at the right time (but wait until the frozen soil is thawed)

29 Dec, 2010


O.K, thanks for the advice.

29 Dec, 2010


You can apply a general fertilizer to the beds and borders in March or April, when you turn the soil over in Spring, something like Growmore or similar. Feed bulbs as they flower through till when the leaves fade, as already mentioned, though I'd be inclined to use a general purpose feed, something like Miracle Gro if they're in pots and tubs.

30 Dec, 2010

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