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By Marjeff

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My 5 Hyacinths are in seperate vases and are now starting to flower What steps do I follow now to keep them healthy please?



Hello Marjeff welcome to Goy. I can't answer your question, but if you go to bottom of page and click on H, there is a wealth of info on hyacinths, I'm sure you will find what you are looking for.

29 Dec, 2010


If you have them in Hyacinth vases just keep the water topped up. After flowering plant out in the garden they have been forced to produce early flowers and having them just sitting in water will not actually feed the bulb.

29 Dec, 2010


i have never yet been successful with hyacinth bulbs in those glass vases ~ ive tried several times ~ what have i done wrong?

29 Dec, 2010


Hi Stickyt. I would be surprised if the bulbs survived to flower a following year! They are not being fed the nutriments they need to grown the next year's leaves and flower. This is basically a gimmick, if you 'want' your bulbs to flower the following year grown them in a container with good compost. Still sometimes the bulbs will survive and grow on...

29 Dec, 2010


sadly i didnt even manage to get them to do anything the first year!!! but putting them in bowls is not a problem. i have 6 coming up beautifully. ~ i gave up with the vase method!!

29 Dec, 2010


When I used to grow them indoors I too grew them in bowls not glasses.

30 Dec, 2010

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