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Romano Peppers


By Marysia

Leicestershire , United Kingdom Gb

when should a romano pepper be picked as I only like the red ones as they are much sweeter or once picked do they go red please help this is the first thing that we have grown any, thank you



I have never heard of this variety of pepper but from research it seems to be a sweet (not hot) pepper that resembles hot ones. So the advice for Bell peppers should apply, If you can, give them time to ripen(redden) on the vine. Plenty of sunshine would be good. : ) Try to get them as close to ripe as possible before picking, they will turn red slowly after picking but not as bright a color and not as tasty!

5 Sep, 2008


With sweet peppers, the advice is usually to pick them green in order to encourage the plants to produce more peppers. However, like you I prefer them nice and red so I leave them on the plants until they're red. You will find that they go through a stage when they go a rather yucky purply-brown colour - this is quite normal - they will then begin to turn red and the area of brown will gradually reduce to be replaced by red. Good luck!

5 Sep, 2008

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