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Plants that slugs and snails won't eat.

West Somerset, England Eng

Hywel told me that slugs don't touch Tulbaghia. How about making a list together of other plants that our slimy friends don't munch on to help each other? I'll start with Eryngium. Asters seem to be OK too, as well as Penstemon, Salvias, Crocosmia and Veronicas.



I've never seen slugs or snails eating Aubrieta.
They like to hide underneath it though!

4 Sep, 2008


Sorry to disagree with you Terratoonie, but young fresh Aubrieta is one of their favourites, older established plants are left alone. Asters too have been eaten by my Snails probably a case of 'Just my luck'

Alchemilla. Vinca. Forget me Nots Wallflowers Hebes. I think they are all safe, but not sure of Wallflowers.

4 Sep, 2008


Nice try Spritz - trying to put in plants my slugs wont like.
We breed 'em tough up here and your garden looks good enough to eat !

4 Sep, 2008


Plastic One's Spritzhenry, :)))

4 Sep, 2008


I reckon I must have very tough aubrieta. Even the new fresh plants have been fine.

My slugs are too busy eating the campanula. Can't keep them away from it.

Youngdaisydee has the right idea.

Though maybe we'll now hear from someone who has slugs eating all their plastic ornaments.

4 Sep, 2008


Ah-ha, BB - I only have to fight SNAILS so your slugs haven't breached my defences yet!

More slug/snail dislikes: Saponaria, Cistus, Helianthemum, Calendula, Oxalis.

4 Sep, 2008


There are only a few plants in my garden that ARE eaten by slugs - the WORST are the delphiniums, dahlias and lillies... I find these MUCH more susceptable than the hostas, which are rarey touched....

4 Sep, 2008


My slugs eat doronicum as fast as I can plant it :-(

4 Sep, 2008


I once read crocosmia are resistant to the little critters..

4 Sep, 2008


Have you tried feeding them to distract from your plants?
They absolutely love raisins and sultanas and leave my plants alone in favour of these! I put a bowl out in the evening and its full of them.

4 Sep, 2008


Dear Spritz,

Our hostas have always just done their own thing in open ground - and never been as much as nibbled. But - I did recently find a snail 4ft up a runner bean! Youngdaisydee, most of our hostas encircle a bed of Crocosmia - so, you may have something there!

5 Sep, 2008


On a serious note,
just a reminder that there have been cases where ingestion of just a few grapes,raisins or sultanas has caused renal failure in dogs.

So if you have dogs in your garden, best not to let them forage around where these foods have been put out for slugs or birds.

5 Sep, 2008


Thanks, TT. I was just going to add the same comment. I couldn't use that deterrent, nor the cocoa shells one. I have to put all bird food up high on a table on a post.

5 Sep, 2008


Slugs don't eat fuchsias, geraniums, and they seem to leave most shrubs and herbs alone aswell.

5 Sep, 2008


Our neighbours have just acquired two Giant African Land Snails (GALS) - they grow to a shell size of 4 inches! Hope they don't get out into the garden!

5 Sep, 2008


Awwww - Bonkers, ya big softy! ;-)

5 Sep, 2008


YUK Fourseasons! I could not keep them as pets, could you?

5 Sep, 2008


Fourseasons ~

Let's hope LANDsnail is exactly what they are.

You wouldn't want a giant snail climbing up the house and peering in your bedroom window....

If they're all GALS and no GUYS maybe they won't breed.. but you can never be sure with snails.

Your neighbourhood might end up with a whole platoon of GALS ....

5 Sep, 2008


snails and slugs will only eat plants they can get too, are they in soil, pea gravel ect. mine are usualy on their menu lol

5 Sep, 2008


I found a deterrent, or, rather, a distractant, for slugs by chance this summer. I like to see the hedgehogs just after darkness, and found that they like to come to the back door to dine on a small portion of dried cat biscuits, which I put in a disposable container from a Chinese (or similar) take-away container. In the morning, the dish is covered in slugs, so I can pick up lots at once, bag, and dispose of.

6 Sep, 2008


I have been absolutely plagued with the darn creatures this year. The geraniums have doe really well and no sign of any slug/snail damage on them. However, my Gladioli have been ravished and I've even caught them at it! I now go round the garden with a jug of salt and pluck them up with a pair of BBQ tongs! As I've said in the blog section, they fizz a bit to start with but once evenly coated in salt they soon give up. I go on garden patrol in the mornings before I leave for work, (it's become an obsession), and I can honestly say, I've never seen such monsters, they're huge! I'd say the biggest one was about 7" long! I've noticed a dramatic improvement in the condition of my garden since the garden patrol started. We all spend alot of time and money on our gardens and the few minutes it takes every morning on patrol is time well spent.

10 Sep, 2008


That's a cunning plug for your book Chriss!

19 Jan, 2009


A bit naughty, too. Advertising is not smiled on, on GOY.

19 Jan, 2009


There are so many things you can do to repel and/or get rid of slugs. I live in MN and I have garden slugs in a very bad way. Their favorites are my new guinea impatiens and hostas. What I started doing last year, which really seemed to work, was a combination. I planted the perimeter of my garden with plants they don't like: Geraniums, Hosta Bressingham (the blue waxy leaves), Huechera (Coral Bell), Astilbe (feather flower), Astrantia, Foxglove (which are beautiful but very toxic, so beware), ginger, garlic, mint, chives, red lettuce, red cabbage, sage, sunflowers, fennel, chicory, endive. The herbs that I listed actually work to REPEL slugs...they hate them that bad.

If you're anything like me, you like to put pots in your garden as well as ground planting to change elevations of your plants (for aesthetics). Slugs LOVE those pots. So I line the bottoms of the pots with copper tape. When slugs crawl over copper, it's almost like an electric shock to them and it kills them - it will also keep them from laying their eggs under the pots which is one of their favorite places.

Finally, even though I plant a perimeter, some slugs will still get in by the law of odds, so I take bush thorns (I have some bushes near my house that product these round thorny balls...I don't know what the bushes are called) and I set them in a tight perimeter around any plants that the slugs might like. They can't crawl over those because it cuts them up. They're a slightly more permanent solution to egg shells or sharp sand - you just have to rearrange them after a rain instead of replacing them because they're big enough that they don't blow away or get blended into the ground.

Good luck - I HATE these slugs!

20 Jan, 2011


Worth trying to distract them with rolled oats, which they love, and tends to send them in search of water rather than yours plants! I havent tried this yet but many I believe have had success!

30 Mar, 2012

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