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Passionflower invading house


By Cec

United Kingdom Gb

I have a beautiful passionflower growing outside my dining room window. In the adjacent conservatory I am starting to find passionflower shoots coming up where the conservatory joins the house (circa 4ft away from the main stem of the plant outside). Is there a risk to the houses foundations ? Any ideas for a cure please other than cutting down the passionflower altogether? Thanks



You could just pull the shoots up cec,i do it with mine, also dont be afraid to cut it right back it will just keep on flowering, once there established there very tough plants,

4 Sep, 2008


Sounds like teh foundations of your conservatory are a bit godgy to me! My mum once bought a house only to discover later that the conservatory floor had been laid directly onto compacted soil! Otherwise, I wouldn't think the passionflower would do damage to hardstanding. Could you excavate a trench next to teh building and slip in some slate or something to act as a barrier?

4 Sep, 2008

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