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I'd like to plant some snowdrops and bluebells and the back of the garden in what i call our woodland area. Its not a huge area but is surrounded by trees , all of which lose their leaves in winter. They'd look lovely scattered around the base of the trees but do you think they will get enough light, as once the leaves return, the area is in dappled shade?

The other part of the question is bulbs in pots - when they are covered with inches of snow, should i get the snow off them or leave it on for insulation?




Snowdrops and bluebells are woodland bulbs to start with, Tilly. As the leaves are opening on the trees the bulbs are starting to die back to their summer dormancy and they come back into growth before the leaves come back onto the trees - all very nice and convenient.
I would leave the snow on top of the bulb pots, as you say it provides some insulation. You will have to be aware of the thaw, though. The compost in the pots is probably frozen solid ( the bulbs will be OK) so when the snow melts there will be a pool of water on top of the pots. I would tip this off rather than just leaving it.

5 Dec, 2010


Make sure that you buy them from a reputable dealer as they must not be dug up from wild sources. They are best planted 'in the green' which means buying them in April. The dried up things in plastic packs are rubbish!

6 Dec, 2010


thanks bulbaholic and volunteer. I think i'll go ahead with planting them next year 'in the green' as you suggest. Will ensure i drain off any excess water from the pots as well bulbaholic, thanks for the tip.

7 Dec, 2010

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