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fly on dracaena


By Jenbee

Ohio, United States Us

I just noticed a very tiny fly on two of my plants. The croton and the dracaena. The croton has still has the moss around it from the original basket it came in. It almost looks like a flea...but very tiny. Is this a concern and how do I get rid of them?

On plant Dracaena



If I were you I would get some cotton wool or a tissue, dampen it and wipe them off! Keep your eyes open for more, they may be in the compost - have you repotted them? P.S. Another dog lover!

19 Jan, 2008


I used miracle gro potting mix. They originally were in one large basket and I seperated most of them and put them in their own pots. Should I buy anything to spray them with or just wipe them down and wait. There were about 3 flies total. I killed two of them but the other was to quick! Should I remove the moss from the original basket? Thanks!

19 Jan, 2008


No, don't be too quick to spray as it may be unnecessary. Just wipe and wait. I think it may be advisable to remove the moss in case they were lurking in there, also you can feel the compost for moisture then. Have you still got plants in the basket? It makes it much more difficult to water the plants. Repot them if you have.

20 Jan, 2008


hello again Jenbee, could be damp flees, is the compost wet to the touch? if so you may have overwatered, also would agree with spritz remove any moss, us florists do put them on the surface of the soil in planted bowls, but this is just to make them look nice. it can harbour damp flees if it has been overwatered. and again as spritz has said it is best to repot any plants out of the basket, again this is purely for show, not the best way to keep plants long term. and just remove any you can see, damp tissue would be fine, they don't usually cause any problems themselves but they signify that the plant is too wet - which can be a problem, if not resolved.

20 Jan, 2008

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