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By Jenbee

Ohio, United States

Thanks for all the help. I am going to read up on these and hopefully keep them healthy and alive! Off hand do you know if any of them are poisoness or are prone to pests? Also, I really know nothing about misting do you just mean with a water bottle, on the leaves? Thanks!



Have you got a spray bottle that you use for dampening your dry clothes when you are ironing? One of those with cooled down boiled water would be ideal.. You can buy them at Garden centres, too. Just give the leaves a quick spray! Easy as that! I think it's quite comical, majeeka and I have been doing a double-act, following each other down the website! Hope we've helped. Just be careful with your Dieffenbachia, won't you. If I had a young child in the house, I would not have one of these plants. All plants unfortunately can be prone to pests, you will have to keep your eye open. Misting helps to keep red spider mite away. if you get any sort of aphids, greenfly etc, then the best method is to wash the plant with slightly soapy water!! Hope you don't get any nasties, all the plants look very healthy at the moment! By the way, welcome to the site - hope you enjoy it and find it helpful, I certainly do!

19 Jan, 2008


No prob Jenbee, always a pleasure! yes the best way to water is with a mister, you can buy them from any garden centre, pound shop, florist ect. they are only about £1 to buy, it is best to use a mister rather than just poor water on. and yes the Dieffenbachia, is defo doggy with pets or kids. it can cause a nasty rash and i would'nt advise eating it. i think the main problem is the sap, which is inside the plant, but the leaves break easy and release it. so i would keep it well out of reach of any inquisitve fingers or paws! lol also wash your hands after touching it. not sure on Maranta, could be toxic, but not 100% and the Philodendron i believe is related to Ivy so i would be careful with that too. but i have never heard of problems with the others, but don't quote me on that! in my opion it is better to be safe than sorry if you do have young children or pets, keep them out of reach. and the advice that spritz has given is good. all of the plants you have don't like to much sun, but they will need a bit of defused light to grow. the worst thing you can do is over water. this time of year a small amount is ok once a week, in the summer twice a week. misting is good. and keep them away from cold drafts and central heating. they are all fairly easy to keep. repot every few years in the spring, oh and don't forget to talk to them! lol good luck!

19 Jan, 2008


lol, yes spritz we do make quite a team, don't we! and Jenbee, it is nice to meet new members. and we all learn so much off each other.

19 Jan, 2008

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