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To all...please can you advise me.
I have put weed killer down 4 weeks ago and gonna put turf down.
Do you think it will kill the turf or will it be ok? If it does kill some of it, will it grow again by next summer?

Please advise as I'm going to order the turf next week.


George 07961408465



Any traces of the weed killer should be well and truly gone by now, I'm 99% sure your turf will be fine, to make extra sure you could continue to hose down your soil to leach out any remaining traces of weed killer.

30 Aug, 2008


So if I put the turf down next week- 5 weeks after the weedkiller, it should be ok?
The weed killer instrauctions say not to put shrubs/plants down for 6 months..only just read it actually...but u think it'll be ok?
Even if it goes abit dead, will it still come up again next year after we water it alot?

30 Aug, 2008


it depends on type of weed killer you used: i would take notice of the instructions as not all weed killers break down when they get into the soil. i think the weed killer you used may be around in the soil for a while yet and turfing so soon could be a costly mistake. see if the manufacturer has a web address and seek thier advice

30 Aug, 2008


Unfortunately, if the instructions say not to plant anything for 6 months, it probably isn't worth risking laying turf. It will just die and no - it won't revive. Islander has a good point - there may be a customer relations phone number for you to ring on the packet/instructions. It's worth a call to them.

30 Aug, 2008


For crying out loud what sort of industrial strength weed killier did you use. Was it like hydrochloric acid or something. Why on earth did you feel the need to use such a powerful weed killer on your soil.

If a weed killer even says it takes six months to clear out of the soils structure it is firstly saying it because it is covering its ass legally and/or it is highly dangerous and should only be used in very specific situations.

Take notice of the six week instruction and make sure you never buy that poison ever again.

31 Aug, 2008


Sounds like what you've used is Pathclear or similar residual weedkiller. It would be six months under ideal conditions usualy three months but you could rotovate to lessen contact with new turf. Its a gamble but maybe one more month is worth waiting and some fresh topsoil on surface plus lots of watering to leach it away beforehand.
glyphosate would have been the thing to use.

18 Jun, 2011

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