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Echium pininana sudden death, what's going on?

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I have been growing E. pininana for two years now. However, for the second year running, one of my plants has just keeled over! It starts with loss of turgidity and then the plant just shrivels up and dies. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know what's going on? In the photo there are two plants the top one is healthy and the bottom one is the afflicted specimen.

On plant Echium pininana




Hi I don't mean to state the obvious but you are aware of the fact that echium pininana are bienniel and that they are meant to keel over and die in the second year, which is why they are so good at seeding themselves throughout people's gardens to such an extent that they become like a weed.

I hope this helped.

30 Aug, 2008


Thanks, but the plant in question is less than one year old. It hasn't flowered yet. It has just keeled over before it's time! I really don't know what's going on. The same thing happened last year. Any ideas?

30 Aug, 2008


Well before you start throwing your money at the problem by buying remidies and fertilisers and god knows what else, go through the fundementals, research the optimum growing conditions of Echium pininana, see if these growing conditions correspond to what you are subjeting it too. Assess the the soil, light, moisture content, wind exposure etc.

Ok let me know how you get on, I'm sure we can figure this out.

30 Aug, 2008


They are very top-heavey plants. Wind rock might be damageing the roots.

31 Aug, 2008


is the stem soft?

1 Sep, 2008


Echium Pininana.

I have had the same problem one or two just die. I have checked for vine werill in the soil or pots but nothing. some of my plants have large bites out of them and i have found at night one or two large long grey catipillars but not many to weaken the plant. i have also noted only one out of a group die and this is very quick maybe over to days . Any answers would be welcome

10 Oct, 2008


i have the odd one die off. i don't understand either...

10 Oct, 2008

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