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Big orange slugs!


By Chiz

United Kingdom Gb

I live in South Lincolnshire & for the past couple of years I have seen these huge big orange slugs in my garden when I've gone out there in the dark. What are they and how can I get rid of them?
We grow most of our plants in containers on the patio at the moment.
Are they likely to be banana slugs? I found one under my door step about 7 inches long!
Thank you all for your help.




There are several different native slugs and you have hit the jackpot! I don't know its name, Chiz, but you'll have to try to deal with them or they will multiply and also munch on your favourite plants. Some people sink pots of beer into the ground and slugs die a happy death, some people swear by pouring salt on the slugs which is apparently a spectacular end, or there are the normal slug pellets, of course. I even know that one member goes round with a sharp stick and skewers the many slugs he/she finds, for disposal. Just goes to show that there are many methods to get rid of the slimy horrors.

29 Aug, 2008


We have the same ones they look like somthing out of a horror movie yuck!!! Go with salt if you ask me they fizz its a bit gross but does the trick as Spritzhenry says it spectacular in deed. Happy sluck hunting lol

29 Aug, 2008


The very large orange/brown slugs are forms of the very large black slug. they can grow up to 16 inches long. Fortunately they do not eat your garden plants. At that size they eat.........................other slugs!.
It is snails which do the most damage to plants rather than slugs, many of which lack the strength of mouth parts to chew green leaves, they eat already decomposing leaves. These types are an essential part of the process of turning leaves into compost.
There are slugs which eat plants, the worst of these is the keeld slug, which most people never see as it lives under the soil and eats its way through potato tubers etc.
It is a question of know thine enemy and know thy friend.

29 Aug, 2008


I go around my garden in the mornings when its still damp in the air, and the dew on the lawn, with a plastic jug and a pair of BBQ tongs. Each slimy creature I find (and I find loads!) gets scooped up into the jug and garnished with a generous sprinking of salt. They fizz a bit when I jiggle the jug around to get the salty coating but soon give up. I have spent a lot of time and money on plants and lost many through the herds of slugs rampaging through my garden. I've even caught them at it! I couldn't use slug pellets s we have 3 cats and couldn't risk poisoning them or other wildlife in the garden. The 'slug-jug' works for me.

29 Aug, 2008


Hi,I also have a problem with slugs-orange, black & small slugs.In the garden i use nemaslug nematodes,which you get from 'wiggly wigglers'(,you mix it with water in watering can & just water garden,all details on web site.For plants in pots i put a line of neat washing up liquid around outside of pot & this will stop slugs from getting to your plants all season.Hope this helps.Beverley

29 Aug, 2008


The slug jug sounds fab, Washing liquid what a brill idea so glad i joined this site.

30 Aug, 2008


Me again-I found one large orange slug munching away on my large tomato's-the only way possible was for it to climb up the fence & onto a leaf that was touching!! I wander if anyone has tried an assault course (mini one of course)for them like they have done with squirrels !

31 Aug, 2008


Beverley :You could be on to a good thing wouldn't fancy taking it to the Dragons Den though lol

2 Sep, 2008


Yes, what a good idea Beverleypayne. =^..^=
Start with egg shells, then some cotton wool, a strip of sandpaper, some slug pellets, a trail of salt, a dribble of washing up liquid, a spraying of nematodes and a strip of copper - sounds like a Slug an Snail Olympics! They'd get nowhere near our precious plants. I've been plagued with the darn creatures this year, more than ever.

I'm off out to the shed to prepare!

3 Sep, 2008


Try porridge oats, They love them and then the oats swell inside and ..... by by slug!

5 Aug, 2012

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