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By Deet

Can you please help me in identifying the plant in the attached photo.
It started to grow in the spring and I left it to see what turned up. The plant is appox 18" high and has these spiky oval pods over it. Please can you help.

Unknown_plant_004 Unknown_plant_002



Hi Deet I think this is a'Datura'

19 Oct, 2010


It must be the year of this Datura, (D. stramonium) as this is the most frequently asked question we've had recently!

It's toxic, Deet, so dispose of it carefully.

19 Oct, 2010


I do not know how many times I ahve come across simular questions. LOL

19 Oct, 2010


Although poisonous, it's quite attractive, I think. Me, I'd keep it 'til the seed case hardens, for interest's sake. And it's not every year that it makes the headlines with such frequency. No one will see one next year, I bet. Phil J

19 Oct, 2010

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