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Wales, United Kingdom Gb

I have a problem with my Akebia quinata. I planted it up my first arch 7 yrs ago. It's taken over. I dug it up to bring with us, but it was reletively young then? It very rarely flowers. And I havent been successful with any form of cuttings.
I pruned it back a couple of years ago, but that made it worse. What I want to know is, has anyone ever moved one of these successfully, I know they hate disturbance. Any ideas folks?




Regarding propagation, the only suggestion I can think of that would be worth trying is to layer some stems that come down to the ground.

Bend the stem/s down and bury them at the touching point and use a tent peg to hold the stem down. Cover this with soil and place a stone or brick on top too if you like. Hopefully there is also excess stem beyond the buried point that you can tie up to a cane stuck in the ground. It will probably take a good year to make roots. If you can, leave perhaps two years before severing from the parent.

One additional tip, use a sharp knife to take a thin slice of bark off one side of the part that gets buried. This will callus over and generate root tissue quicker.

Regarding the lack of flowers, Akebia's need a warm spring to generate flowers for later so some years will be better than others. I wonder if restricting the roots would help? You could try periodically severing the root ball edge with a spade.

Perhaps if your layerings take, you could re-plant with one of these but dig a hole large enough to floor and wall it with five 2 x 2 paving stones. This will restrict the main rootball but will still allow a couple of roots out too. They use this technique for Figs to make them fruit more prolifically and restrict their vigour.

19 Oct, 2010


Ours layers itself all over the place. I spend as much time digging them out as I do with removing other weeds. Flowers well too. It is sandwiched between a path and the lawn so that might be helping it and it faces South east.

19 Oct, 2010


Thanks Fractaln and Ob., I tried layering and serpentine cuttings a while back, but no go. I didn't realise that it needed root restriction. So if i'm going to reduce the root ball, i may as well try and move it at the same time. Won't be doing it til feb anyway. But it might also find the altitude a bit of a sulky issue.

19 Oct, 2010


You are not that far away from us, so if you get really desperate I could always pot a piece up for you.

19 Oct, 2010


Thanks Owdboggy, That's really kind of you and I will keep it in mind.

20 Oct, 2010


Right will leave a rooted piece to grow on then, just in case. Easy enough to dig one up and wrap it in moss for sending.

20 Oct, 2010


Hi OB, thats a wonderful idea. Thank you so much.

21 Oct, 2010

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