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Green Tomatoes

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I have several tomato plants growing outside & the tomatoes are still green. Can anyone tell me if they will ripen or should I pick them to make chutney?( well, not me but someone):~)



I would just be patient. I have heard the UK has had so much rain, which means dark days and tomatoes just thrive by sunshine. They really need sun to ripen up, but wait a bit longer, you could have some lovely late summer, after all autumn doesn't start until the end of next month.
Then I have seen people picking green tomatoes and putting them in their window sills in the sun and after a week they were red and ripe. Good luck.

28 Aug, 2008


try laying banana skins on the ground surrounding the plants. The gas given off by ripening bananas helps ripen tomatoes. Have placed green tomatoes in a light frost free place for many months to ripen. Just keep checking them for mould

28 Aug, 2008


Thank you for the replies..all are helpful.Like my tomatoes I am very green.

28 Aug, 2008


I've counted over 75 tomatoes on my 5 plants and only 3 tomatoes have turned red, excited, I picked them tonight. I will try them tomorrow for my lunch. I'll have to be patient, our weather has been so wet and dull lately, the weekend forcast is looking hopeful though.....

29 Aug, 2008


Just leave the tomatoes as long as possible,then if still no luck you can either put in a bowl with other red tomatoes-this helps to ripen or in a bowl with a ripe banana as this also does the same job.Hope this helps

29 Aug, 2008


Thanks for all the suggestions.I have been lucky so far & have an abundance of red Toms. I will leave for a week as today we have some sun !! The banana idea may work as I know it works for fruit.Enjoy yourg gardening.

30 Aug, 2008

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