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By Jenbee

Ohio, United States Us

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Maranta leuconeura erythrophylla 'tricolor' - or if that is too much of a mouthful the common name is 'Herringbone Plant' - it is related to the 'Prayer Plant' but slightly different - i did have a Prayer Plant once and the leaves used to fold up of a night as if it was praying, - hense the name - does this variety do it too? i have never grown this variety myself.

19 Jan, 2008


This one is a Maranta - possibly M.tricolor. Needs warmth in winter, no draughts, no direct sun, moist compost at all times. Mist leaves regularly. A bit delicate! (majeeka got there first! - lucky we agree!))

19 Jan, 2008


yeah but you beat me to the Parlour Palm lol, have a look at the first one spritz would you agree on Codiaeum? - only one i'm not 100% on.

19 Jan, 2008

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