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Help indentifying plant


By Jenbee

Ohio, United States Us

I received a basket of several different houselants. I need help identifying them. This is my first attempt to keep houseplants so I ma not sure how to care for the different varieties

On plant Help identifying plant




I think that this is a Parlour Palm, 'Neanthe bella'. It thrives in partial shady conditions - does not appreciate sun. Keep slightly moist in winter, water more in spring/summer, Mist leaves if it's in a warm room. Hope that helps.

19 Jan, 2008


yes i would agree with Spritz.

19 Jan, 2008


Hi Jenbee its a parlour plant just bought some with no,,,,lable, every body on G.O.Y has been so helpfull,,

16 Sep, 2010

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