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Moving a 12ft cordyline


By Cje

United Kingdom Gb

We have inherited a 12ft cordyline situated 1ft away from the patio and blocks the view of the garden when sitting on the patio or in the conservatory. Leaf cover is almost top to bottom. Is it possible to move a cordyline of this size - and how big can we expect the root ball to be?



good luck pal

26 Aug, 2008


I wouldn't move it if it were mine, but why dont you take the bottom leaves off, actually if its 12ft tall the lower leaves should be dead now anyway, are they yellow? if they are, cut them off, my cordy has leaves just on the top, Hope this helps Cje...Dee..

26 Aug, 2008


If it is a palm tree it will grow 18" to 24" away from the base and about the same depth. have fun

26 Aug, 2008


Cje, i would take it out and if you want to try and keep it, dig a hole a little bigger than the one it came from, fork the bottom, put it in and firm it. Hammer a stake in so it wont move while it's rerooting, keep it watered and all should be ok...If not bin it lol, and yes they are a sod to dig out, well the 3 foot one i did was.

27 Aug, 2008

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