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hi once again i would just like to say how stupid i ve been went out today and bought a yucca ive always fancied 1 well i thought they were all hardy lookedit up on the web when i got back to get more info on it i honestly thought they were all hardy just to discover that its not (its a yucca elephantipes) so i m really disapointed no prob keeping indoors just now but dont know what i will do when it outgrows indoors as i m led to believe that it gets really quite big



I don't know where you live but you would be suprised how hardy some yucca's are I had one when i lived in NE Oh and my neibor has one here in NE IL

26 Aug, 2008


Hi, we have one indoors for years now, if you keep them in the same container/pot it will probably not grow as fast... I give it a feed everynow and then, really no idea how it survived so long but, it does and looks great so do not despair:-)

26 Aug, 2008


buckeyelilly i live in scotland and yes it does get cold here in the winter so you ve got to be mighty hardy to live here in winter (lol) so i guess the poor thing would die of frostbite lol but thanks for your reply artgruppe good suggestion but i really dont know what i do but my poor houseplants die on me i can seem to be able to grow plants outside but not indoors in fact my family laugh about it so poor poor plant it does nt know what its in for with me lol many thanks anyway

27 Aug, 2008

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