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By Baxy

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I have decided to replace my black hamburg grapevine because it always gets mildew, and the grapes that are salvaged have annoying seeds. I`m down to a choice of two. Either Dornfelder ( Because i`m told it is easy to look after ) or Flame, which I believe is the supermarket variety. Can anyone advise me which would be the best to choose ? It will be be grown in a cold greenhouse in Folkestone, Kent. Thankyou, Martin

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that's a shame Baxy. I too have a Black Haburg and you are so right . the pips hive me 'the pip', the girls wont eat them so I get graped out at this time of the year.

I dont know what you could replace it with though sorry.

welcome to GoY though.

3 Oct, 2010


I love the flavor of the 'Flame' variety, but it may not be any more mildew resistant than 'Black Hamburg'. I'm unfamiliar with 'Dornfelder', but I will look it up.

Hmmm. I can't find anything that says whether or not 'Dornfelder is seedless. Good disease resistance is mentioned, but not to what diseases. The discussion of its ease of culture seems to be geared to professional viniculture, and discussion of its flavor centers around what great wine it makes.

If I were looking for mildew resistance, I would be looking at hybrids with the American grape (Vitis labrusca). Though many of those taste more or less like 'Concord', not all do.

5 Oct, 2010

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