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where should I plant my vitis vinefera

United Kingdom

Last year I purchased a vitis vinifera and have potted in a large pot and place it in the corner of the garden. It is a sheltered position and has two walls on which to climb.

After a good growth in the spring it has withered and looks rather tired. I wondered if I should plant it in the ground and wasn't sure if it would be ok to do this in a plot beside the house. A feew friends have commented that the roots (in time) may damage the foundations of the house.

Any comments gratefully recieved

On plant Vitis vinifera



Mine is in the ground growing along wires. It seems happy there. I don't think that these vines are like trees, which would certainly be a mistake near to the house. Vines don't grow huge roots like trees, after all. I have various climbers on the house and don't worry about them at all. Maybe ask at your local Nursery to be sure, before planting it. That would put your mind at rest.

27 Aug, 2008

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