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blueberry cuttings

orkney, United Kingdom Gb

i have tried to take cuttings from my blueberry bushes a few times but they never take. is there a secret to taking them? would appreciate any advice



I am afraid they might have to be grafted on rootstock, but not 100% sure. Why not google and type in: growing blueberries and you'll be surprised how many answers you will get. If they do grow from a cutting, it would be wise to dip the cutting into some growth hormone. Always take cuttings in winter and make sure the bit you cut off on the side nearest to the base will also be the one you put into the pot and the other side will be the top. This is the natural way to grow, otherwise it will not take. Head in the soil and it will die.

26 Aug, 2008


Hi after buying a single blueberry plant myself a couple of years ago and since then forgetting the variety I am also contemplating taking a cutting from the original plant, and thought Id pass on what Ive found so far. ( I might add I am in no way an expert and I am yet to try these techniques myself so please look for further information before hacking away at your prized fruit bushes!)

From what I can find the easiest ways are to either layer it like you would with a Hazel tree, or by taking a 6 inch green wood cutting, removing most of the leaves leaving two or three, dipping the cut end in rooting hormone and sitting in warm moist sand for 8 weeks to allow the roots to start growing then moving into an ericaceous compost mix.

Hope this helps

2 Jun, 2009

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