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Blueberries in containers leaves turning brown.

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I have blueberry plants in containers growing in ericaceous compost. They are situated against a south wall and so get the benefit of any sun that there is. I noticed today that some of the leaves are turning brown at the tips.
I feed them with ericaceous fertiliser and have recently given them a feed of Miracle- Gro soluble plant food.
This is the first time that I have tried growing blueberries.

Any ideas please?



if you follow this link to the RHS website they give some fab details on growing blueberries

best of luck and keep us posted

x x x

23 Jun, 2009


You forgot the link, Mookins. :o)

My blueberry isn't looking too healthy either, but I'm pretty sure it's lack of rainwater to water it even though the compost is correct, it still needs lime free water.

23 Jun, 2009


doh... sorry

x x x

24 Jun, 2009


The RHS moved the page! It's here now;

5 Aug, 2011

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