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I was bought a rose bush plant for my Birthday in March, I planted it in the garden, but notice it is getting branches with 7 leaves on, is this ok, as I thought they only had 5, if they should not be there do I snip of the branches. Was bought from M and S. Regards



hi no it doesnt mean they are suckers. you should be able to see the graft union, where the stems join the root stock. If these are coming from below the root/graft union then less tear them down to remove them. don't cut as this will encourage more growth.
if above the union then they will be the original wanted part.

Could you add a photo of the where they are coming off the plant?

30 Apr, 2022


Thank you for the information, have tried to put photo on. but not very good, I did take one, but don,t know where it's gone😞, but thanks for info.Kind regards.

30 Apr, 2022


It is in the pictures section and it does look as if it is the right growth going by what i can see. I'd wait and see what the flowers are like. if they turn out not to be the same as the others then 'tear' the stem away.

when you added the photo it went into the photo gallery. usually to add photos to questions you go back to your question and you have several tabs, edit question , add photo and you load it there. But it is visible so no problems.

30 Apr, 2022


Thank you.

30 Apr, 2022

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