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Can I remove a large pup growing strongly on the side of a soft tree fern in Newcastle NSW? Roz



welcome to GoY.
is the 'pup' growing from the base of the parent or literally off the side and some way above the soil?
if its close to the soil then
'Sever the offshoot from the parent plant, using a sharp spade. When the offshoot is severed, dig down about 4 inches, and then lift the offshoot, along with any roots and replant in its new place'. do not plant deeper than the off shoot was.

if its off the side then using a sharp knife/spade cleanly cut the pup off and plant it about 4" deep in a good compost, keep moist and when established it can be planted out.
[well that is what a mate has done with his over the years.]

30 Apr, 2022

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