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Identify this plant.


By Harteyb

Tipperary, Ireland Ie

Whilst on holiday in Gran Canaria last summer, I purchased a pack of mixed seeds. This one (see photo) has done quite well but I have no idea what it is or how to care for it. Can you help.Its leaves are quite similar to a sycamore leaf but its stem is soft.




Castor bean I think - were the seeds large?

24 Aug, 2008


Yes the seeds were big (bigger than a garden pea)

24 Aug, 2008


Yes, probably Castor Oil plant (Ricinus), be careful as all parts are poisonous, this is the plant that Ricin is made from (remember the Japanese underground incident?)

24 Aug, 2008


Yes i grew this about five years ago, my variety was grown for it's reddish pink seedpods.

24 Aug, 2008


Ricinus communis does have a very similar leaf to this, however the leaves tend to have a red underside and bronzy tinges to the top of the leaves. The plant you have looks more like a Tetrapanax papyrifer (rice paper plant). It will grow to over 3m every year and will be a little tender in the country.

25 Aug, 2008


I have one that looks like this but much taller & many stems,i grow mine in a large pot to contain the growth.Mine is an artificial castor oil plant(though not fake plant!),I got it from B&Q it flowered after the first two years but it doesn't get berries-some variety's gets black berries.I asked about the care at a 'proper' garden center & they said that there are many variety's of this plant and that they like the shaded areas of the garden & you treat them mean!

29 Aug, 2008

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