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poison plant - Can I grow crops under Virginia creeper?


By Racheal

London, United Kingdom Gb

I have a Virginia Creeper growing beautifully on my house. I understand this is poisonous.However only having a yard as a garden I grow edible crops in tubs beneath. Will any falling plant matter from the creeper poison the soil in the tubs and therefore my crops. In July the creeper sheds a lot of husk type material from the tiny greenish flower buds.

On plant Parthenocissus Quinquefolia



I think its only poisonous if you get the sap on you. I've touched it with my bare hands before and I didn't get a rash (and I have a latex allergy). I'm not positive though. the crops should be fine

24 Aug, 2008


Hi Racheal - Wikkipedia says that "...the berries contain oxalic acid [like rhubarb leaves, I think], which is poisonous to humans and other mammals, and may be fatal if eaten (accidental poisoning is uncommon, likely because of the bad taste of the berries). Despite being poisonous to mammals, they provide an important winter food source for birds. ... the sap can cause irritation and skin rash". I have a fence covered in VC and I pull it off by the arm-load without gloves and I've never had any problem.

24 Aug, 2008


I don't know of anyone having rashes related to this plant but it is poisonous if ingested. Potentially fatal
Peteq has some good info
Don't know how long the chemical would stay in soil

12 Feb, 2009

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