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This is the first Wisteria I've attempted to bring on. It's in a large pot. However, despite a very promising start the last few days has seen it lose copious amounts of leaves after they turned yellowish. Any suggestions what might be causing this?



Hi, Wisteria just happens to be my favourite plant, for very specific reasons that I won't bore you with now.

I've never had trouble growing a wisteria, I'd associate yellowing of the leaves with the autumn, however it is too early for that, you said it was in a pot, is it possible the plant's roots are pot bound, or how is the soil, too wet/too dry. Maybe you used peat to fill in the pot, which has no nutrient content at all.

Could it be positioned in bad lighting conditions, if the light is too strong the roots could be cooking in the pot, so to speak.

Here's something I picked up from this web page "Leaves Mottled, Distorted indicates Mosaic Virus
Viruses are transmitted to wisterias by aphids. The first symptom is usually a yellow spotty discoloration, a "mottling" or "mosaic" pattern on the leaves. Eventually the plant dies. There is no cure, and infected vines should be removed. Prevent virus outbreaks by controlling aphids, keeping weeds down, and sterilizing tools used for pruning other plants or cutting flowers."

I hope there is something here that helps you either solve or accept the problem.

Take care.

22 Aug, 2008


We have a big old Wisteria that always does well and flowers profusely. It's leaves start to yellow as Autumn comes, and even now the first few are starting. I agree it's early. I'm not sure how long you can keep in a pot. They grow very big.

22 Aug, 2008

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