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lilac trees


By Tyann

B.C., Canada Ca

New gardener...Have 4 purple lilac trees .When in bloom they are lovely. Can anyone tell me if i could plant a ground cover with some color this would be i guess shadey area.Or any pics to look at .Im in zode 2-3. Thinking of next summer lol
any info would be greatly accepted.



Ajuga reptans is a groun cover plant that enjoys shade. It is sometimed known as Bugle, and it has leaves that turn purply bronze as the summer progresses and blue flowers in early Summer. It does well here bit I am in equivalent of zone 6. Sorry not sure about 2-3. You must be pretty cold up there. We can go down to -20 C in a normal winter and unusual cold could be -30. Another one is Stachys or lambs ears, this covers fast and has grey-green furry leaves. It throws up spikes of flowering stems with small pink flowers.

22 Aug, 2008


Ajuga reptans ...omg what a lovely plant but will not grow here at all. Yes it gets very cold here also have long winters. Another reason I'm glad I found this site... plan and dream. Tyvm for the help

22 Aug, 2008


Hi Tyann. We have a member who lives in Alaska - is that cold enough for you? His name is 'Greenthumb' so I suggest you type his name into the search box top left and send him a private message in case he doesn't see this question. I should think he'd be able to suggest somthing for you!

22 Aug, 2008


Hi Spritzhenry tyvm for the info. Im not that far from Alaska so this great .Yes for sure I will contact " Greenthumb" . Once again tyvm

22 Aug, 2008


Hi Tyann, Im in Northern Alberta and I have seen a plant here that likes a part shade area ...Bishops Weed is a ground cover with variegated leaf about 12-16 inches high, try a google search for Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegata'

23 Aug, 2008


Hi Lorraineengle. This summer has been lovely here.
hope your summer was good. .But leaves are changing color fast. :-( Summeres are so short. I will for sure check that plant out. I like variegatted plants. I planted a snow in summer there today .If it takes it will spread .lol
Thks for the help will let you know the results.

24 Aug, 2008


Summer was very good this year but alas too short, when I lived on Van Island the season was longer, sure miss the zone 8 there. Northern Alberta is zone 2/3 and maybe 4 in a protected spot. I planted Snow in Summer for the first time this year, they are doing nicely...they do best in full sun and need a hair cut after they bloom, lovely plant.

24 Aug, 2008

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