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I grow my tomatoes each year from my own seeds They are vine, and very tasty.I start them indoors and transfer to my poly greenhouse 12ft x 7ft).Problem is, they grow to over 7 ft tall, but the trusses start high up ie 4 ft up.I have a good crop, but why are they so tall please?

On plant Thank you Andrew and Pete. I do start them off on sunny window sills, and when they are hardy enough, I then put them into the greenhouse. It is there where they shoot up very quickly.The stalks are good and thick too.I can only think that I have too man



I'm wondering how much light your tomato plants get indoors. If they are struggling to reach it, they will grow very long and thin until such time as they go out in the greenhouse; this could explain why the first truss is so high up. Make sure they start off on a very bright windowsill and get outside, even if only for an hour or two at first, as soon as the weather is warm enough

22 Aug, 2008


Not that I'm a great expert on tomatoes but, if they're a 'vine' variety, could it be that they're really asking to be trained horizontally? I'd be interested to hear other views on this ... ?

22 Aug, 2008

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