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Help against leaf eaters destroying my roses



You should assess the location of your roses. Would they thrive somewhere else with more sun & air? I wonder why the bugs are there to begin with.

8 Mar, 2021


Last year hubby bought me a new climbing rose and of all things, a wild baby rabbit eat all the leaves off it. I had to put netting fence around it till it put some height on.
Do you know what is eating yours? Is it insects or could it be like mine and a rabbit?

8 Mar, 2021


welcome to GoY.
could you add a photo of the damage to your leaves?
if not could you describe the damage. Not too many things eat rose leaves really so we do need more info please.

8 Mar, 2021


I just wonder if it could be leaf cutting bees? A photo will certainly help us

9 Mar, 2021


my 2 prime suspects are leaf cutter bees and vine weevils. It is a little early for the bees i'd have thought but I wonder if this is a question linked to damage last year and they are hoping to avoid the same again this year.

9 Mar, 2021

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