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victoria plum


By Snitchy

east yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

my plum tree is aprox 3 mt high but has a lot of crossing branches,it is in desperate need of a good hard prune when is the best time to do this any further advise will be helpfull



Marguerite is right for most fruit trees, but from what I have read in the Amateur Gardening magazine and also what I have heard from allottment friends is that you do not prune plum trees in winter as they are liable to get some kind of disease (the actual disease name escapes me at the minute) The time to prune plum trees is about now.

20 Aug, 2008


Hi Snitchy,
Just remembered the disease. It's called Silver Leaf"
Try this link

20 Aug, 2008


Walrus is right - I just checked my RHS book. It recommends pruning out dead wood now while the tree is still in leaf so you can see the dead bits. Other pruning tasks should be carried out in mid-summer, apparently! (I would have thought that the plums would still be ripening then???)

20 Aug, 2008

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