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Mid Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Hi anyone know if this is a weed that as popped up in my mish mash that is my front garden border the leaves are very large and the stem is red ?

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That's a maple tree - could be Norway Maple. It is a monster of a tree. Needs lots and lots of space. They suck every drop of water from your garden and steal water from other plants. They belong out in the meadow someplace - not really suited for the average garden.

14 May, 2020


Thank you better remove it pretty quick it must have self seeded its self there ....

14 May, 2020


Yes remove it and look out for others. If you have a sycamore nearby you'll get lots of them

14 May, 2020


It's a sycamore tree. Belongs to the same family as Maple and Acer. I get lots of them from seeds in the hedgerows.

14 May, 2020

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