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Can anyone name this, I am sure I had a label once, but who knows where?
Perennial, about 30 cm tall, probably flowers, but can't remember what sort or colour!
It's the bronze one, the other is a Fuschia Hawkshead variegated.

Dsc04832 Dsc04831



First thought was lysimachia 'firecracker' and it will have buttercup yellow flowers in the axils of the leaves. Unless I am wrong which is more than likely.

14 May, 2020


That is what it is. We have been removing this from our garden for the last 12 months. We spent 20 years removing it from our last garden and it was still there when we moved.

14 May, 2020


It's haloragis erecta 'Wellington Bronze'

14 May, 2020


Looking at the image on the main computer I can see that the leaves are very toughed and whilst I don't know
Haloragis erecta 'Wellington Bronze' I agree with Andrew's id Common name is raspwort.
Is it a well behaved plant?

15 May, 2020


It's definitely not Lysimachia bronze as I have the yellow one rampant everywhere, strangely I had the bronze and it died Owd!
I think you have the answer Andrew as looking it up on Google I remember the insipid tiny flowers which really just need to be removed, they are obviously how I gained a few. I just take them out where I don't want them, but otherwise it's a nice plant and a good foil for some others. I have another one against a vivid yellow little shrub (can't remember what that is either) and it looks stunning.
Thank you all for helping me out.

15 May, 2020


Need to go to Specsave for better glasses these days. Sorry.

15 May, 2020

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