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My passion flower isn't flowering - help !

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I am growing a passin flower indoors where I successfully grew one a few years ago. Unfortunately, although it looks healthy and I am feeding it with a high potash feeeder it isn't flowering. What am I doing wrong?

On plant Passiflora caerulea



Hello Bladesrus
When you say indoors do you mean a house or a greenhouse?

19 Aug, 2008


Copy and paste this into the Goy search box:

do passion flowers always flower?

This will help
Best wishes

19 Aug, 2008


Thanks for replying so soon Kev. My Passion flower is in a west facing conservatory.

19 Aug, 2008


Well if its protected from severe weather conditions it should be fine......lets make it easy for you. There are two types of cuttings taken from all strains of pasiflora one is the famous heel cutting which will replicate its parent plant to a tee...............but many take cuttings from the runners which assist the plant in clinging on to what it is supported by.These look like the genuine item and do sometimes flower but sadly never produce what the owner expects it to.................hope this helps.
Best Wishes

19 Aug, 2008


I bought it from a garden centre so I have no idea how the cutting was taken I'm afraid. It was probably sold as an outdoor plant (although living in Sheffield it wouldn't stand a chance!) and as I had success growing a passion flower before indoors thought it would be a doddle!

19 Aug, 2008

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