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Hi All! I have just harvested my Nicola Christmas potatoes. I am a bit confused about how I should store these as everything I have looked at talks about regular storing for Summer harvesting. For the time being they have been washed and are now drying in the kitchen. Should I start putting them into hessian sacks or is there another method for this time of the year? Any advice would be most welcome.



I think the same applies. Dry and clean in a hessian sack in the dark cool place but check them regularly for rot.

24 Nov, 2019


I agree with Eileen. Remember those old root cellars? They really worked - cool, dark, moist.

25 Nov, 2019


Thanks, both of you. Hessian sack it is then. However, my flat is quite warm and I have nowhere cool for them. I have had a few of them and they taste fine.

26 Nov, 2019

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