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After lining my coldframe with bubble wrap I now don't know how to leave it when I go away for 10 days. Slightly open or closed? How about leaving it closed and removing some of the bubble wrap to allow more air to circulate? I'll be grateful for your thoughts.



What plants have you got in the cold frame?

23 Nov, 2019


I would keep it closed and latched - to avoid 'squatters' and untoward visitors.

24 Nov, 2019


Bamboo, It's cuttings in there, mainly salvia.
Bathgate, that would be the easiest solution but I thought some air might be needed at times.

24 Nov, 2019


I tend to leave mine slightly open all through the winter just to allow air circulation. I don't think removing bubble wrap will increase air movement, it will just reduce the insulation.

24 Nov, 2019


Thankyou SBG. I think I'll do that then.

24 Nov, 2019



24 Nov, 2019


Agree with Seaburngirl - but only very, very slightly open, I'd insert a flat piece of tile or something just on one outer corner of the top to prop it up slightly, in case we have a sudden freeze while you're away, although that's more likely in January rather than December.

24 Nov, 2019


I use lego bricks on the front edge. well they have to be useful for something now the girls are grown ;o)

24 Nov, 2019


Haha Thankyou all. My instincts were ok I think. Hope there isn't a freeze but if there is - well can't win em all.

24 Nov, 2019


Ianplant. do you have the same issue? I'm away tomorrow so today I have placed 3 pieces of wood under the lid. Still stable enough for a brick to stop it blowing away. It's a very flimsy coldframe.

27 Nov, 2019


Whats wrong with fleece ?

29 Nov, 2019

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