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By Xela

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Salvia jamensis 'Hot Lips' ..... two days ago I was given a bare rooted plant by a very kind friend and am wondering if it will survive overwinter in a sunny spot in my garden or would it be better to plant it directly into the ground; I can give it sheltered sunshine but my soil is basically flint and clay. My preference would be to overwinter it in a pot as the garden will hopefully be having a mini- makeover next year .... there is standing room for it in the unheated greenhouse should that be needed :-).



They do well in pots, I have one in a pot that does really well, if you leave it in a sunny situation it will be fine, however if severe cold weather arrives then move it to a sheltered area or cool greenhouse, they do far better in the ground, I lightly trim mine in the spring and they are very easy to take cuttings from.

16 Nov, 2019


Very many thanks, Julien, you have given me the courage to overwinter it in a pot beside my drive where I can keep a close watch on it. Sadly my friend is moving away in the next month or so; I shall miss her company, we have had lots of good times together through our interest in Girlguiding, so I desperately want to keep this plant alive ;-) No doubt we shall still meet up from time to time but it would be good to have her plant thriving in my garden, 'Hot Lips' is as bright and cheerful as my friend. I hope I shall be able to take cuttings too and spread her impish spirit around :-) .

17 Nov, 2019


Plants can mean so much to us and are lovely to remember people by, this old lady I recently worked for had one of these Salvias and having never seen them in peoples gardens she showed me how to deal with them, she would just snap off a few semi ripe stems and plonk them in a pot and they just grew away and in the spring they were given a good trim, sadly she passed away, but I will always remember her through this plant.

17 Nov, 2019


Aww, You are sooo right, Julien, plants are a wonderful reminder of people we have known, and places and events too. My garden is full of them! It sounds as if the lady you worked for was as special as my friend too, both generous souls with green fingers :-) . My salvia jamensis is looking at home in a pot beside my drive where I can keep a close eye on it, and I hope it ill do as well as your lady's cuttings! My fingers are tightly crossed ;-)

17 Nov, 2019


I have mine in a pot in my unheated greenhouse. Better safe than sorry.

20 Nov, 2019


We had a sharp frost earlier this week, I moved mine to the porch in the nick of time, Linda .... as you say, better safe than sorry! It is looking very happy there at the moment. Thank you for commenting.

21 Nov, 2019

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