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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone can help with my Photinia “dire” problem? It is a standard and was bought last summer. It was doing very well, putting on new growth and looked bright and the red colouring was pretty health.
However, over the past several weeks, it has just faded in colour, looks like something is attacking it - happened to click my phone camera when a pesky wasp landed on a leaf - and some leaves had black crispy edges.
Any advice/help most appreciated.

On plant Photinia x fraseri




Any caterpillars? Is there a sawfly that likes Photinia?

9 Jul, 2019


is it in a pot or in the ground Katie? if in a pot then I suspect lack of water at the roots. actually that could also be the problem if in the ground as we haven't had that much rain lately have we?

I 'd also check for vine weevil damage especially if in a pot. the grubs will be eating the roots.

10 Jul, 2019


Thanks Eileen and Darren. It’s actually planted in the ground, maybe not watering enough? I’ll have a look for vine weevil damage. Thanks again.

10 Jul, 2019

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