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Why is my Red Robin loosing so many leaves this spring time


By Allan

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

The bushes look like they are doing so well but there are so many leaves falling, I am concerned something is wrong. Lack of water or something worse. Can anyone help me please?

On plant Photinia x fraseri




There is almost one question per day on this problem because so many people are experiencing the same as you. It may have been caused by the very wet winter we had because this plant does not like a lot of wet. I have sprayed mine with fungicide because of the spots on the leaves too and hope that it will get back to good health as the weather improves.

24 Mar, 2009


Hi Allan and welcome to GOY. As Inverglen says, lots of people seem to be having drop problems; however, I'm in Bristol and my 3 (two standard and a bush) don't seem to be doing this. If I remember correctly, it was a bit wetter in the east of England than the west during the winter (not sure where you are, Allan) so a wet winter could well have something to do with it. Hope both your plants come through OK!

24 Mar, 2009


most of the drop leaf problems associated with photinia's is because of the dryness at the roots, just my opinion..

24 Mar, 2009


hi, photnias like an neutral - acid soil, give it a boost with an ericaseous feed,
make sure it is a well drained area as they don't like their roots water logged

25 Mar, 2009

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