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Mystery Solved


By Notepad

Suffolk/Norfolk border, United Kingdom Gb

Thanks to all who pointed me in the right direction. I have found a picture of Aramanthus Hypochondriacus and the reds are just like mine. Whatever I have read about the leaves being insignificant was just not right, was it! I didn't know there was an upright Love Lies Bleeding but I do now. What a wonderful site this. I've only just discovered it and I look forward to sharing with you all - especially seeing your beautiful gardens. Keep up the good work.

On plant Aramanthus Hypochondriacus




How great to have the conclusion to the mystery !

It seems your Love Lies Bleeding will from now on be known as ......................... Love Stands Up Bleeding . lol

That's a cute-looking puppy on your photo.

18 Aug, 2008


I'm glad you have the answer, Notepad. What a strange latin name, though! I wonder how it got to be a hypochondriac.... lol

18 Aug, 2008


The cute little puppy in my photo was our Jack Russell about two years before she died, aged about 16! We still miss her 18 months on.

18 Aug, 2008


Glad you like the puppy photo Terratoonie. Actually it is our Jack Russell a couple of years before she died, aged about 16! She didn't look her age until the very end. You can tell I'm not used to the Internet - I've not quite got the idea of answering comments. I might have given two answers [the same]. Oh well, I'll learn.

18 Aug, 2008


I've just had another look at this lovely photo. Your Jack Russell certainly didn't look her age. I'm glad you chose that picture for your page.

21 Aug, 2008

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