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Problem with Victoria plum tree

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My victoria plum is 4 years old. It was covered in blossom in the spring and the small green plums came on as usual but then although they turned plum coloured, they all shrivelled and the leaves have fallen off the tree. No sign of insects or worms - has anyone an idea as to what might be wrong?



Can't answer your question Mildred, but I planted a Victoria some 18 months ago and, just like yours, had lots of blossom and then fruit. A fair amount of the fruit developed a white sticky like substance on them which my better half plucked off and got rid of. Then, a few weeks later, I noticed some of those that were left shrivelled. So I got rid of those as well. I also harvested about a dozen of those that were not affected to bring inside to ripen, leaving the remainder on the tree now that there is more room for them to plum(p) up and ripen. I will keep monitoring it though. I was going to prune it to create more room but the weather turned nasty and horrible. Keeping my fingers crossed no more fruit will go bad.

19 Aug, 2008

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