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Seaweed as a fertilizer?


By Appleye

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Living in a coastal area ' does any body use ,seaweed as a fertilizer and if so is it safe to use in the garden. Belated best wishes to all members wishing all a Happy New Year ! Appleye .



We don't live near the sea, otherwise I would be down on the beach like a shot collecting this wonderful stuff. Material collected from above the highwater mark may be dug in straight as it is, any salt has been washed out of it. Fresh green stuff can be composted or left for the rain to remove the salt before using. You can make fantastic liquid fertiliser from it too, just stuff as much as you can fit into a barrel and fill it with rainwater, Cover and wait until it rots down. Dilute the lquid and away you go.
It has been used for aeons by farmers from the Shetland Isles to the Channel Islands

6 Jan, 2008


Now you are making me feel guilty - I shall have to trek down the track to the 'beach' with a black sack and collect some! It is about a mile, and of course Henry has to come too, that's why I haven't collected any. Our seaweed isn't green, it's the brown stuff - bladderwrack? Does that make any difference?

6 Jan, 2008


No difference at all. When we lived n Somerset, it was a car drive down to Blue Anchor Beach where we collected tons of it!

6 Jan, 2008


Well, Owdboggy, you know what our part of the world is like then, if you lived near 'our' coast - beautiful, isn't it. I shall certainly try to collect some seaweed now I know that it's useful stuff. Free, too!

6 Jan, 2008

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