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A small hole, about 2 inches wide, appeared in our lawn.There appeared to be something very slimy, jelly-like inside, frog-spawn like in appearance. When we mowed the lawn, the stuff seemed to move! Very weird! Any ideas?



Dunno about the hole, but otherwise it sounds like one of the slime moulds. These appear if the weather's been wet, and disappear again when it dries, but a photo would be useful.

11 Jun, 2018


You get something like that after a stinkhorn fungus has gone over. You would, however, have noticed the fungus there unless you have been away for the past week!

11 Jun, 2018


Eeeeeew! Sounds horrid. Yes, i am familiar with the stinkhorn slime...and the stink! I wonder if it was that? It sounds weird!

11 Jun, 2018


Thankyou for all your helpful comments.

12 Jun, 2018

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