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hello please can anyone tell me what these shrubs are? Are they Escallonias? We have moved house and would like to know whther we can prune them as they are quite large.




I'm not sure what these are but I'm sure they can use a pruning. I'd say go for it.

14 Apr, 2018


I wouldn't think escallonia as they are evergreen and yours look like they are just starting into growth, they may be carrying flowers in which case you would prune after flowering but if you don't mind then should be ok to prune otherwise wait to see what they are first, you may like them, could be philadephus which have lovely white scented flowers :-)

14 Apr, 2018


Agree. Show us another picture when the leaves are fully out.

14 Apr, 2018


sadly it isn't clear enough to see. perhaps a close up of the buds and the new leaves when they open.

14 Apr, 2018


I couldn't make it out either, but looks like the crown could be thinned. Don't chop it down completely, but just open it up so more air & sunlight can penetrate.

14 Apr, 2018


Hi Kentishman! Yes, I agree with everyone. Its difficult to tell what they are, but they could do with a prune. Remove anything that's weak or dead, and anything that grows toward the centre. Much like you would with a Rose. That way you'll get a better shrub whatever it turns out to be. :)

14 Apr, 2018


Framework looks like escallonia or even fushia they are too large for that area, by far the best way to deal with this is to renovate them, look at the base and and cut the framework to about a foot from the ground, it will in no time shoot from all the cuts you make, then trim mid term to make it a little more compact, then leave to flower in the second year, this should tell you what the shrub is if you have not already found out, before you start your cuts check they are not bleeding if so leave till sap has risen and do later, don’t be afraid it will work and they will look far better than being in the clouds, once you know the plant then you can prune it accordingly for flower production.

14 Apr, 2018


Hi, I also think they could be Escallonia, they look very similar to mine, I think they have probably been defoliated by ''the beast from the east'' a few weeks ago, I'm just starting to get new growth on the bare stems, I would agree with Julien as regards pruning, Derek.

18 Apr, 2018

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