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Lots of lovely little tomatoes on my plants in pots outside, but they don't seem to be ripening at all. have I done something wrong?



Have you begun removing some of the leaves? The leaves are important initially for providing essential sugars and nutrients to the fruiting stems, but at this stage I have removed the majority of the leaves, to allow sunlight to reach the fruit, and to encourage development of it. Hope this helps, and Good Luck!

16 Aug, 2008


Thanks.I very rapidly did as you suggested but still no joy. I think we need a bit of sunshine!!
I think green tomato chutney is on the cards!!

25 Aug, 2008


Have you tried putting banana skins near them ?

2 Sep, 2008


Well, pick the green ones and lay on a "sunny" windowsill. They may still ripen there. Otherwise, enjoy the chutney! Oh, and the banana nearby helps, so I believe. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that we fee tomato plants when fruiting with a high potash feed, and bananas contain good amounts of potassium?

2 Sep, 2008

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