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Ideas for a cold greenhouse?


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I always feel that my greenhouse is vastly underused in the winter months. It is only small and has no heat (and tonight it is probably freezing - snow forecast for tomorrow). I wondered if any more experienced greenhouse gardener would have any ideas on what I could grow through the late autumn/winter months? I had an uncle (sadly passed away) who used to grow chrysans and they were always good. Would welcome any ideas.



There are plants that will tolerate cold but not our wet winters and can easily be grown in a cold greenhouse - sempervivums, rehmannia, rhodohypoxis, lobelia cardinalis immediately spring to mind. Perhaps more surprisingly, hostas and candelabra primulas are also happy with this treatment (they are in my greenhouse as I type this). Basically, any plants that come from areas with dry winters and wetter growing seasons will be happy in there

2 Jan, 2008


Early sweet peas are what I grow in my greehouse which is the same as yours. I also will be starting some flower seeds in February they just take a little longer.

6 Jan, 2008

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