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my neighbour has a problem with cats doing the toilet in her garden.she has put bottles of water there anything else she can do to keep them away.!!



put cocoshell on to the boarders

15 Aug, 2008


Scattering pepper dust can help to deter cats from specific areas. However, it would be expensive to use widely.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds suggested to me that a water pistol to give cats a soaking might make felines less enthusiastic about entering a garden. I don't like the idea of scaring any animal too much,so it's probably best to aim the water at the cat's body and not at the head.

This year in my garden, two clever thrushes built their nest in the ceanothus climber, growing above my dog run. These bright birds knew that no pussycats would venture into that part of the garden ! The thrushes raised two healthy babies.

15 Aug, 2008


The 'Scardycat' plant, which is sold at most Garden Centres or by mail order in the spring/summer is supposed to help. There's also the sonic cat scarers that are obviously more expensive but are apparently helpful. My dog is my cat scarer!

15 Aug, 2008


I can vouch for the sonic cat scarer - it does work

15 Aug, 2008


I can vouch for the sonic cat scarer too - I got mine from
Worth every penny, I'm no longer finding poo all over the lawn!

28 Oct, 2008

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