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Cordyline Australis Palm help

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Hi there

I have a 8 ft cordyline audtralis palm at the front of my house. In last month or so I have noticed a lot of dead leaves has fallen off the tree plus the leaves taht are around the middle of the tree have dried up and wrapped itself around the trunk. Also it appears that there is some kind of growth within the the green leaves at the top (possibly another plant?)

I am worried that there is something wrong with he palm. Some of my friends have suggested that the dried leaves need to be cut as they shred their leaves annually. Could someone advise and should I add some fertilizer to it?


On plant Cordyline australis



A photo of the palm would help.Its difficult to visualize how it is!

15 Aug, 2008


Attached is a photo [url=][img][/img][/url]

I have since pulled off all the 'dead' leaves and also cut off the growth on the right (it was growing as a extra stump and what seems like a dead thin twigs?) It now looks nice and will upload a new picture soon. However I have noticed that some of the tips of teh upper leaves are starting go brown. Does anyone know why that may be?


18 Aug, 2008



18 Aug, 2008

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