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I have scotch bonnet chilli plants growing and they are constantly dropping their flowers before setting fruit and I wondered what might be causing this.



Could be shortage of water, or lack of pollination - where's it growing, indoors, greenhouse? If its inside, and as its scotch bonnet, you may need to pollinate the flowers yourself...

22 Aug, 2017


Thanks. It is inside and it is watered regularly but not overly and I have been pollinating. I have cayenne and jalapeƱo growing as well which are doing fine outside. Puzzled?

22 Aug, 2017


No idea then, sorry

22 Aug, 2017


Mark, did you fertilize your chillis? If you used a high nitrogen fertilizer, that would cause 'blossom drop." Nitrogen is for growing leaves. They need phosphorous, potassium & trace elements to set fruit. They will eventually correct themselves in time depending on how much was used.

22 Aug, 2017

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