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Bonsai'ed' rose?
Last autumn I planted rosa Arthur de Sansal, looking very healthy. This year she looked not well, started to recover but very stunted. I wonder if it is root damage and if anybody knows if I could possibly get her back to her normal height (not hopeful I know) the moment no more than about 25cm. I'll be taking cuttings this autumn as I love this one. Thanks




Give her a dose of Rose Food in the spring. She's probably decided roots are more important than shoots this summer but she should get going next year.

22 Aug, 2017


Hmm, I might leave her for a bit longer then and give her another chance. If she's not back to her normal size next year, she'll be a pot rose! Thanks for the suggestion Stera.

23 Aug, 2017


Try threatening her - worked for me with a campanula that never flowered before.

23 Aug, 2017


Haha she's already been told to grow up or else....Stera, although I wouldnt mind trying her as a patio rose, never had one of those and I like experimenting.

23 Aug, 2017

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